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However, the entire arena was still silent. There were no cheers. A sort of unspeakable suppression in the heart overcame everyone, including the Aslan people, who had a very good relationship with the Atlanteans. No matter what, they were, after all, humans.


Haha, I am hoping that Saruman Snake will be in the finals. I think a lot of people here are hoping for the same thing too. Of course, this is a tall order. Wang Zheng, create a miracle!


Jondi Lilick knew that his ability was not omnipotent. Maybe the Fire of the Five Elements, or the rare Brilliant element, may restrain it, but that was only theoretical. Although Wang Zheng’s Fire element was good, his understanding of it had definitely yet reached a high enough level. This ability was beyond his control was well. The death vine would suck the opponent every time.


Lin Feng’s Knight of Holy Light shredded the teleportation box. This could only be used once, but the effects were rather good. Both the teleportation box and the edition of the new energy shield had been named as the most outstanding revolutions of mecha in the past decade.


“Gentlemen, this seems like a lively show. How about a wager?” Bolet laughed. Mars had lost, and González had run away. Next up was the Aslan gang, and many more awaited in the area.


As always, the Atlanteans sat quietly and appeared as if nothing had happened, and they did not even feel that victory was a big deal. They had merely just completed a mission.

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This is a marvellous battle. It seems that both Wang Zheng and Aragorn are warriors of the five elements. This interchanging of Ability Xs and combination of physical techniques are absolutely breath-taking. But what I dont understand is, why doesnt Wang Zheng freeze his opponent? asked Si Jiali. This was what many were wondering too.


When they learned that the opponent was Lear, the Asura battle team was unphased. For them, so long as it was not the Soulless battle team or the Saruman Snake Team, everything else was acceptable.


Upon seeing the space ripples, Dendi knew that it was Zhang Shans space transfer. Although not comparable to teleportation, the speed of the transfer was rather slow, and needed mental marker. This meant that Zhang Shan was using Montero as a marker. This was Zhang Shans real killer move. He had been secretly imitating Dendi. However, his move was not perfect. Transferring next to your opponent at a slow speed was courting death.


Zhou Yun wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth. “Just a bit of a shock, it’s not a big deal.”


Yan Xiaosu had initially thought of handling it himself. He was unwilling to disturb Wang Zheng during SIG. But now the reality was pressing. If the project could not be confirmed soon, it might change. After all, the situation on Maklou was not very stable. Tyrant Su saw it as birds in the bush. Although they had earned quite a sum in these few years, if this project crumbled, the entire KO group would follow. The business world also worked that way.


As Wang Zheng struggled to stand up and walk down on his own, the people were not able to suppress their emotions any longer.


The aura of the blade sealed off the air above. The surroundings were overcast by the wailings of the spirits. It was questionable if the teleportation box was useful at the moment, let alone moved.



If the younger generation could be listed in the top one hundred, they could be deemed to have a very bright future. They could break through to Heaven-rank.



He was not an Earth-rank warrior, but nonetheless possessed a C-level ability. Death in a different manner. This caging technique was executed skillfully; even an Earth-rank warrior could not untangle himself from it easily.


There were many incidents in the Milky Way Alliance every year. Although S-level incidents had many repercussions, not all of them could be resolved. To be exact, many cases remained as case files.


After just one round of slight contact, Satie could gauge that this Achilles had skills. He was very stable.

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